Pit Pony Experience

Launched in November 2015, the Collinsville Pit Pony Experience celebrates the lives of Australia’s last working Pit Ponies. Retired in 1990, Wharrier and Mr Ed marked the end of a long history of miners and pit ponies working side by side as mates.

The Pit Pony Experience is a true reflection of the strong values of comradeship and community found in Collinsville. Built via an online crowdfunding campaign, the Pit Pony Project raised over $190,000 in just 60 days, primarily through small donations by EVERY community member.

Centered around a life-size Collinsville Pit Pony sculpted in bronze, the Pit Pony Experience acknowledges the contribution from the community on a donators wall located behind the horse. Around town are various ‘selfie’ walls where visitors and locals alike can picture themselves alongside the loved pit ponies. A tourist route via a smart phone app has also been established through the small town to show off local attractions and to assist local business.

Green Turtle was involved from the initial project concept stages right through to the launch. The project involved a large number of design requirements, from logo and print design, website design and app development. The project continues today, building on a historic database documenting the stories of the Collinsville Pit Ponies. You can read more about the project and view the app via the Pit Pony website: